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Exit/Entry formalities in the U.S.

Questioning by officials of US Immigration or Customs Authorities or by a Security Official is not always a pleasant experience, especially when the visitor speaks no or broken English. Please answer questions truthfully and comply with requests to look through luggage.

Do NOT under any circumstance while entering or leaving the United States joke about carrying weapons or having bombs or dynamite in your luggage. You will most likely be detained, handcuffed and taken to prison to await a bond-hearing before a judge. The US government does not take bomb threats lightly and does not consider any statement which could threaten the safety or security of the USA and its citizens - even one made in fun - as a joke.

Laptops may be detained and examined at the U.S. border. Federal agents have the right to examine and detain laptops and other electronic devices (hard disks, iPods, memory sticks, cell phones, audio and video cassettes) for an unspecified period when a traveler enters the U.S. This practice is part of ordinary border control and does not indicate, from the perspective of the authorities, that you are under any particular suspicion.