Consular fees

Overview of consular fees.

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The following payment methods are accepted in Atlanta, Los Angeles, New York and Washington DC:

  • credit card and debit card (during the appointment)
  • money orders and certified checks  payable to “Consulate General of Belgium” or “Embassy of Belgium”

In Washington, payment can also be made remotely with a credit card by completing the “Credit Card Authorization Form”.

Cash or personal checks are not accepted anywhere.





Identity cards

e-ID (from 12 years)

Kids ID (under 12 years) $12.00
Biometric passports

Adults (+18 years):

  • 32 pages (regular passport)
  • 64 pages



Minors (-18 years):

  • 32 pages (regular passport)
  • 64 pages



Temporary passports

Valid for one month

Valid for one year $60.00
Other documents

Act of nationality declaration (grant, possession of state, reacquisition, etc.)


Notarial deed

$120, plus $24.00 per certified copy

Legalization of a signature

Emergency Travel Document (for other EU nationals) $12.00

Miscellaneous attestations and certificates


Short stay:

  • Transit (A visa)
  • Short stay (C visa)
  • Short stay for children between 6-12 years (C-visa)
  • Short stay for nationals of Albania, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Cape Verde, Georgia, North Macedonia, Moldavia, Montenegro, Serbia, Ukraine (C visa)





Long stay:

  • Long stay (D visa)
  • Legalization of an affidavit of support
  • Professional card application