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Information on the driving license in the United States.

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The diplomatic and consular missions in the United States cannot issue a Belgian driver's license. 

If you are registered in a Belgian diplomatic post and hold a Belgian identity card, you can renew your Belgian driver's license in the Belgian municipality where you were last registered. Click here for more information. 

According to European directives, it is the local authorities that can issue a driving license. This rule applies in all member states of the European Union. 

This is also the case in the United States where the issuance of a driver's license falls under the jurisdiction of the various states. 

A Belgian residing in the U.S. is required to obtain a U.S. driver's license from the state of residence. Some states are willing to exchange a Belgian driver's license for an American one; other states impose a test. For more information, contact your state's Department of Motor Vehicles. 


A Belgian living in the United States can drive in Belgium and Europe with a U.S. driver's license when visiting as a tourist or on business. This is entirely legal. 

To drive in the United States, a Belgian must hold a valid driver's license. In some states it is necessary to also have an international driver's license (IDP) in addition to the valid national license. This should be checked with the appropriate authorities of each state where you will be traveling.

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A Belgian who moves back to Belgium to settle permanently there will be able to obtain a new Belgian driver's license from the local municipality. In most cases, an American driver's license can then be exchanged for a Belgian one.